My weekend:

Friday: football game; sitting with Corrao the entire game

Saturday: Kitchen Kettle parade, and then Band Coalition show; church Block Party (unable to go); hanging out with friends

Sunday: church; seeing all my friends at church and hanging out with them

Work on homework all weekend; working on personal projects for people all weekend (got to make money somehow)

Weekend’s already getting booked up, and it’s only Wednesday

6:48 pm performance time? Really who does that?

I’ve got previous plans.  Why can’t they do it in the afternoon? Why can’t they bump up our performance time? We’re not even getting scored? Do I have to be there?

All questions running through my head right now

Maybe I’ll leave Kitchen Kettle, go home, not come to the practice, and have my parents take me to Catholic afterwards.  Who knows.  I’ll have to talk to my mom.  For some reason, I’m more frustrated than ever this year with everything going on.