Dreams are something people can’t deny.  It’s something everybody has.  Dreams can turn into nightmares.  Dreams can turn into something special.  But, the most important dream of all, is when you are having a nightmare and the person you love walks into your nightmare and makes it a dream again.


Looks like Alvin the chipmunk is trying to mimic this TITANIC scene… NOT COOL ALVIN!!!!!!! but i’m still a fan



This is for all you girls out there who are in love. Wouldn’t it be so adorable and cute if your boyfriend surprised you with this? I know I would think so… would you?


Why do people go through struggles? Nobody really knows why.  It’s hard to understand why people go through struggles but all I can say is that it is a part of life, and nobody can stop it. Trying to stop struggles from happening is like trying to stop a train at full speed on short notice, pointless.  I know people go through struggles in their lives and they try to either avoid them, or deal with them and move on.  Most people I know try to deal with them and then move on to something happier, but others I know choose the first option, to avoid it.

Are you avoiding your struggles?


Life is something that can’t be taken lightly.  Life goes as fast as a car going 200 miles per hour.  It doesn’t stop just because you can’t handle something.  It doesn’t slow down because you ask it to.  Life is a journey. It’s not going to stop in the middle of the journey just because something that happened you couldn’t handle, or couldn’t get over.  Stop taking life for granted.  Don’t try and make it slow down.  Don’t try and make it stop in the middle of a journey.  Just take it as it comes.

His Smile

His smile.  It’s all I think about, all I ever want to live for.  It’s the smile that makes me happy when I’m sad, the smile that makes every evil and every pain go away.   The smile that makes me feel good about myself, and makes me want to be who I really am, not some fake.  It’s the smile that makes my heart skip beats, my thoughts get jumbled, my knees get weak, etc.  It’s the smile that makes every huge problem I’m going through seem like no big deal.  It’s the smile that makes life seem longer than it really is.  It’s the smile that makes my life worthwhile.  But most of all, it’s the smile that brightens my day, and makes me want to forget about everything else, but him. ❤