this doesn’t need a caption or an explanation… just the picture is enough to make you laugh



All those moments we laughed

The moments we cried

The moments we argued

The moments we were sad

It all comes rushing back

The times we just goofed off

The times we got others mad

It’s like they never left

When you come up to me and my boyfriend, and make things awkward when him and I are having a moment,

Those are the moments that will never leave. 

Cause when we are talking, and we bring up those moments

we can’t be mad at each other

We just laugh them off

Cause we know we wouldn’t be anywhere we are today, if we didn’t have the friends we have now.


Thanks to all my friends out there who have been there for me when I needed them the most.

And to all those who make it awkward between me and him… we just laugh it off and have a good time.  I could never be mad at you guys for doing that, I could only love you more than I do now.  So thanks friends.  You’ve built my character, you’ve helped me see the light in situations, and you’ve just been the best friends and people i’ve had any interaction with.  I could NEVER live without you guys. 🙂

Haha, friends are the best

When you’re sharing a moment between your crush and they just come up and ruin everything 🙂

but you can’t be mad at them, because you know that if they weren’t your friends you wouldn’t be who you are today

So thanks friends….