PV boys soccer- CHAMPIONS

that’s right!!! PV’S #1!!!!


PV boys soccer- CHAMPIONS

That’s it, it’s true. We are now number one in the State. 😀 And no words can tell you how proud I am. The whole game had me up on my toes.
The first half (40 mins)- No scores
The second half (40 mins)- No scores
First Overtime (20 mins)- No scores
Second Overtime(20 mins)-One score-A Pequea score with 7:43 left on the clock. An Issac Mohr goal ❤
I'm extremely proud of these boys. And these boys have reminded me how extremely great it is, to be a Pequea Brave ❤
Photo credit goes to "Capturing the Momories, One Smile At a Time"

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