Happy New Year’s Eve!

Been reflecting on my 2012 year, and realized that I made a TON of mistakes this year, that I really need to fix in the 2013 year.  Also, there are things that I need to start doing in my 2013 year.

Since my reflecting, I realized that in 2012, I was not the person I wanted to be. I did a lot of thinking about myself over the Christmas break, who I want to be, the standards for myself, and so on. When I am done reflecting and thinking about myself, which believe me, I’m far from done (that just proves that I’ve got a lot of faults that I want to make better), I will let you know some of them, not all, but general ones.  Ones that are less personal and more general (I think you know what I mean/am trying to say).

These are all mainly New Year’s Resolutions, but some of them I have been thinking about for a long time.  I haven’t done anything about them, and that’s something that I should have. I should have done something about them right away, but instead I procrastinated and didn’t do anything about them, and am suffering the consequences now. But that’s all going to change. I promise.

Friends, you will find me a new person when I come back to school on Wednesday. I know some of you might not like it, but I’m liking this new me. I’ve set goals for myself and I am going to stick to them. Nothing is going to be able to change my mind about the goals I have set for myself, the resolutions that I have made.

I’m proud of what I’ve decided, I’m sticking to them, and I’m taking pride in what I’ve decided and the things that care about me most. Things such as my music, my religion, and my family and friends.
I’m hoping that all my friends will stick by me in these resolutions and goals that I have set for myself, and if any of you would wish to join me in a few of these goals and resolutions, then please let me know (after I tell you some of these resolutions and goals of course, obviously you can’t join me if you don’t know what they are first 😀 haha). I would love to have a few friends in this with me. That would make it more fun, enjoyable, and know that I’ve got friends who are sticking by me in this. I’m serious about this.

So, any friends who would like to join me in this, please comment to this post and let me know, even though you don’t know what i’ve got in my mind yet, but I would like to know if you are interested in joining me first, before you commit to standing by me through these goals and resolutions.

Thanks! ❤


Congratulations to PAUL STANGL for being the winner of the talent show!!! :D :)

Congratulations Paul… You deserved the win!  You really are an amazing and talented guitar player.  God has wonderful things in store for you! 😀 Again, congratulations on the win.  You deserved it.

*Hannah, when you get the chance and see Paul again, can you do me the favor of showing this to him? You don’t have to say who it’s from if you don’t want, because I guarantee he doesn’t know me, but I just want him to know that I’m happy he won the talent show.  Thanks!

“A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely.”

This may or may not be about me or what we’re going through right now, but if it is, just letting everyone know, I’ve emailed and explained, I’ve WordPressed about this and explained, I’ve done everything I could possibly do to let her know I’m still her friend and I’m sorry and yet, I feel like all of that is being avoided.

This is the Life of an Ordinary Girl like Me

~Pam Brown

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Watching COURAGEOUS (the movie) with my dad one night

On The TV: the dad and daughter are waiting for someone, and her favorite song comes on the radio, and she gets out and wants her daddy to dance with her, but he says he doesn’t dance with her, he says “I’m dancing with you in my heart” and she says “OK” and walks over to the grass, and starts dancing and explaining to her daddy how to dance.

Me: “Dad, if we were in that situation and I asked you to dance with me, in the middle of the parking lot where everyone can see us, would you?”

Dad: “Of course I would.”

I love my dad ❤  He’s such a great role model in my life. ❤