I realized what I really want in a guy… and I promised myself.. vowed to myself.. swore to myself that i would not be boy drama-ing this year. One guy is all I need, and I’ve got the 100% idea of who it is. Whether or not he likes me back or not is up to him.. but I like him, and ONLY him


My week!

Monday: School

Tuesday: School (7-2:25); band practice (6-8:30)

Wednesday: School (7-2:25); music practice (6-7); youth group (7-9ish)

Thursday: School

Friday: No school. Go see my baby! 

Saturday: Marching band fundraiser; Open house for my ‘job’

Sunday: Church; race


So I haven’t really posted in a while, well meaningful posts anyway, and I thought I’d update you all on what’s been happenin’. 

First of all, in July, I went on vacation to Tennessee with my grandparents. I spent some time with them, and then with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and my cousin’s boyfriend for a week or so. Amusement park fun and swimming, can’t forget that. 

Then, in August, I had Marching Band Camp. That went pretty well. After band camp, it was time to get back ‘into the swing of things’ as people call it. I started my housework I have to do during the day and I started getting in shape (which hasn’t lasted long because my schedule just doesn’t want to fit with that), but I’m working on it. 

Then my best friend for life, had her sweet 16th birthday party, which, I might add, was so much fun! I was glad I was able to make it, and can honestly say, country is my thing! 😀

Now, it’s less than a week until school starts and I can’t wait to see my friends. And I’m making a pact with myself that I’m not going to get all caught up in the drama and I’m keeping my feelings on certain things to myself, and i’m keeping feelings straight this year. I’m not going to be bouncing around, telling lies to myself so that i’m happy about what I want to hear, and not what I have to hear. 

This year, I’m changing, and it’s for the good. Not the bad. So hopefully everything plays out for the better.