I wish I could have the guts to tell him I like him. If I did, maybe I wouldn’t get nervous constantly when he walks over, or when he talks to me.



My youth group’s all-nighter is tomorrow, and I’m excited to be going, even though I’m not going for the entire time.  I’m excited to be going! 

Penn Manor students “mix it up” at lunchtime


Students at two Penn Manor School District schools, Manor Middle School and Central Manor Elementary School, participated Tuesday in a nationwide program called “Mix It Up.”  The one-day program encourages kids to sit with someone new over lunch in an attempt to break down the social and racial barriers that can develop in schools.

The event has been held nationwide for 10 years and this year involved more than 1 million students across the U.S. A total of 10 schools in Lancaster County participated.

As Manor Middle School students entered the cafeteria, they each got a card with a famous person’s face on it. They had to sit at the table containing a picture of that face, joining other students randomly chosen to sit there. At each table were lists of “conversation starters” to help break the ice for students who may have been reluctant to talk.

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