I just want that person I can be myself with.

That person I don’t have to worry about acting like someone else around.

The one who I can watch any kind of movie with.

The one who knows every little thing about me, good and bad, and still loves me.

The one who doesn’t care what I look like, just as long as I’m myself.


30 Thoughts Day #6

~ Tomorrow’s county band!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Bye Bye curly hair… tonight it goes

~ No makeup day…. wow, this is rare (and odd… I’m almost never not wearing makeup outside of home..)

~ Back to a normal day… snowing though (typical for this time of year here)

~ Only had a bagel for breakfast……. without Starbucks (uh, oh)

~ my friend leaves for the D.R. tomorrow (and the other group comes back)… can’t wait to hear what they experienced

~ I could really use a nap

~ Practice, practice, practice… brought all my practice material with for county band, musical, and regular concert band… that’s my goal for band period, to practice as much as I can

~ Let’s just get this day over with, shall we?

~ “Yesterday was leg day, so I can’t walk really fast” (not my quote, but it applies to me today)

30 Thoughts Day #5

~ couldn’t sleep at all last night… I closed my eyes, and I saw your face

~ First full day of school all week… the first day this week we didn’t have a delay or early dismissal

~ guys… why are they so confusing?

~ if you didn’t look at me almost the entire time yesterday, does it mean anything?

~ love the cold weather

~ I have absolutely nothing to do first period… there’s a sub, and I don’t know how to continue with the project

~ Last full day of curly hair… straight, highlighted and short starting tomorrow

~ I don’t want to be alone this year on Valentine’s day

~ Justin Bieber’s song Baby pops up on my iPod (i don’t know why it’s still on there)… the rap part comes in, lyrics go “she woke me up daily, don’t need no Starbucks”…….. Starbucks? Don’t need it? Think again… Starbucks gets me through the day

~ Can you just hand me my diploma and say I graduate now?