Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I know I did. And it was great seeing my best friend for a while.  Too bad we couldn’t hang out more, but I know we’ll get other chances.

Even though Christmas was a blast and I’m glad I could spend it with all the people that I love… my puppy is sick.  Come down with a cold.  Pray and hope that he feels better. I hate seeing him like this.

Woke up with soccer ball imprints on one side of my face…

Everybody who knows me knows that when I need to think about something, I usually lay down and toss a soccer ball up in the air… it’s a pondering thing…

Well last night I did just that… was pondering, and tossing my soccer ball up in the air as I was… and I must have fell asleep at one point, therefore the reason for the soccer ball imprints

Conversation with the bestie last night…

Bestie: “Do you like him or do you just like the idea of him.  Meaning if you like him what do you like about him?  His character, etc. Or do you just like the idea of having a boyfriend?

Me: “He’s sweet, kind, funny, following God with all he’s got, gets along great with my brother and family, can seriously make me laugh, is great to be around, down to earth, wants to stay near this area, and very involved in church…”

Bestie: “Okay, I’d say you like him…”

Me: “ugh! I didn’t need this during finals week! I’m like ‘I gotta focus on finals’ and then he pops into my head”

Bestie: “Try listening to music!!!”

Me: “Yeah… At music practice right now… Lol not helping haha”

Bestie: “Haha Sorry! Is he there?”

Me: “Lol yeah he is. And we were just talking like it was no big deal…and then I look back at the sound booth for the time and the feelings take over.”

Bestie: “Ugh! What is it about the boys in the sound booth! Lol!”

Me: “Lol I know!!! What is it that makes them so attractive?”

Bestie: “I don’t know girl, I just don’t know…”