“She doesn’t have trust issues just because she’s being distant and cautious.  She’s just seen a lot before and learned many lessons.  She’s witnessed bullshit before and you might be making mistakes she promised herself she would never make again.  Women crave action, they are interested in what you have to say – but they are drawn to the way you act. Women build walls when they’ve been through a lot and it’s normal that those walls build higher standards.  She’s not full of herself for making herself unavailable for just anyone.  Don’t be so quick to think she doesn’t care just because she doesn’t seem obsessed by everything you do.  She will fall for your consistency.  You can’t give her a vibe one day and expect her to chime to it forever.  She’s in search of herself.  You have to be willing to put in work for a girl that’s worth it to you.”

~Pinelopis (life is a beautiful advice series)


“The good times and the bad times both will pass.  It will pass.  It will get easier.  But the fact that it will get easier does not mean that it doesn’t hurt now.  And when people try to minimize your pain they are doing you a disservice.  And when you try to minimize your own pain you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Don’t do that.  The truth is hat it hurts because it’s real.  It hurts because it mattered.  And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself.  But that doesn’t mean that it wont end, that it won’t get better.  Because it will.”

~John Green

“‘She looks up, her eyes drowning in tears, and let’s out a laugh.  Her laugh once made him feel like everything was beautiful; in this moment it sent a shiver down his spine.  Slowly their eyes met and he flinched from what he saw in them, so much disgust and betrayal it chilled him to his core.  She choked back a sob, for just a second the mask fell off, and he wanted to run to her and hold her in his arms.  She coughed once, and uttered three little words that held so much power, ‘I feel nothing.'”

~Excerpt from a book I will never write #590

“She always seemed to good for me, and that had nothing to do with how she looked. She always put 3 sugars in her coffee because she couldn’t stand the bitter taste alone and she often smelled like lavender because once she read somewhere that lavender made people happier, and she liked to see the people around her smile.  She laughed so hard during funny movies that sometimes tears would come to her eyes, and she cried so hard during sad movies that the tears would last long after the end credits.  I never understood how anyone who spent her time making cookies just to brighten other people’s day could hate herself so much, but she did quite passionately. The only person I ever heard say a single bad thing about her, was her. I tried to get her to see what I saw, that she was lovely, amazing and utterly intimidating, but that always ended in a strew of self insults. So, I just held her hand. You have to do that for the people you love, right? Let them fight their own battles, even if being helpless breaks your heart right in two.”


“‘Dear Her,

I don’t fall for looks. But I did with you.  I fell for your big eyes and laughing smile and rosy cheeks and little nose and brown hair that makes your face glow and your calloused hands and slight form and gentle touch.  But I also fell for your voice and the way you say ‘I love you’ and the way you swear under your breath when you mess up a chord on the guitar and the way you walk and your laugh and the way you dance in the kitchen. I fell for your looks. But I also fell for you.'”

~ Excerpt from a book I will never write #917 (via exercptsofstories)

“‘Why did you guys break up?’

She laughed, almost painfully.  ‘One day he loved me and the next he didn’t. Strange isn’t it? How fast someone’s feelings can change and then there’s nothing you can do but accept it. You have to sit and accept the fact you’re completely in love with someone who doesn’t even give a **** whether you come or go and frankly they would rather it if you didn’t come at all. And that sucks.'”

~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (via unpublishedexerptss)