Letter to my future husband (credit to an unknown author)

“I hope that we work as a team in furthering God’s kingdom.
I hope that we see the potential in each other and work constantly on bringing that potential out.
I hope that we push each other in the areas where we are strong and encourage each other in the areas that we struggle.
I hope that we base our love off the never-ending love of God and not our own temporary things.
I hope that we constantly work toward knowing the fullness of the Gospel.

And I hope that on the day that we stand before the King of Kings, completely free of our worldly hindrances, we look at each other in the fullness of our love and God’s and we see the other’s held back potential that we’d been dying to bring forth finally released and thriving in us.

On that day we will be completely fulfilled.

I hope that you don’t give up on me.”


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