“She always seemed to good for me, and that had nothing to do with how she looked. She always put 3 sugars in her coffee because she couldn’t stand the bitter taste alone and she often smelled like lavender because once she read somewhere that lavender made people happier, and she liked to see the people around her smile.  She laughed so hard during funny movies that sometimes tears would come to her eyes, and she cried so hard during sad movies that the tears would last long after the end credits.  I never understood how anyone who spent her time making cookies just to brighten other people’s day could hate herself so much, but she did quite passionately. The only person I ever heard say a single bad thing about her, was her. I tried to get her to see what I saw, that she was lovely, amazing and utterly intimidating, but that always ended in a strew of self insults. So, I just held her hand. You have to do that for the people you love, right? Let them fight their own battles, even if being helpless breaks your heart right in two.”



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