“Call me at 4am.  Wake me up.  I don’t care, I just want to hear your voice.  Tell me about the bad dream you had, tell me why you can’t fall asleep.  Tell me why you prefer to talk at night, or why the words only come spilling from your mouth when you think no one is listening.

I am here.  I will listen to you when your shoulders feel heavy; I will hear your words when you feel so crushingly small.  I will sit with you in silence when you are slumped against your pillow.  I know your sadness is not beautiful, I know it is overwhelming and destructive and ugly.  I know you feel powerless and redundant.

So call me at 4am.  I prefer you over sleep any day.  Don’t sit there on your own.  Talk to me. I love you and I care.”

~S. Zhao (via blossomfully)


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