“I love how you hold me.  I love how you tell me I’m beautiful.  I love how you look at me funny when I say something stupid.  I love how you make me happy.  I love how you smile when I see you.  I love how you laugh when I say something random, or stupid.  I love the face you make when I snort when I laugh.  I love how you ask me if I’m alright when I can’t stop laughing.  I love how you make me feel.  I love how you tell me I look cute.  I love how you like my pajamas.  I love how you talk about music for hours.  I love how you say sweet things to me.  I love how you whisper in my ear when it’s really quiet.  I love how you squeeze me so hard when I hug you.  I love how I can talk to you for hours about anything, and you listen, and listen.  I love how we call each other as soon as we wake up.  I love how you sound when I wake up.  I love how you want to spend every day with me.  I love how you squeeze my hand.  I love how you rub my back, and kiss my neck.  I love how you lay next to me, and tell me that everything’s perfect.  I love how everything is perfect.  I love how you see the person I really am. I love how you say we are perfect for each other.  I love how you make me cry, but not because I’m upset or sad, or you hurt me, but because you made me the happiest person ever.  I love how I wake up in the morning for you.  I love how I anticipate seeing you.  I love how you kiss me.  I love how I look at the empty space in my bed, and wish you were filling it.  I love how I get nervous when I see you, but feel more comfortable with you than I do with anyone else.  I love how my parents love you.  I love how you deal with my picky eating habits.  I love how you worry about me, and take care of me.  I love how you pay for me when we go places.  I love how you insist everything will be alright, and make me feel at ease. I love how you keep me warm when I’m cold.  I love how you give me weird looks at awkward moments.  I love how you stop everything for me.  I love how I’m important to you.  I love how I make you happy.  I love how you make me happy.  I love how you make sure I stay in line.  I love how I only want to be with you.  I love how I only think about you.  I love how I stop everything because I get distracted and have to call you.  I love how you get jealous.  I love how you are when you are with your family.  I love being with your family.  I love how I can see myself with you forever.  I love how we talk about being together forever.  I love how you think I have cute feet.  I love how you tickle me.  I love how you get mad when someone says something to upset me.  I love everything about you.”



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