“And maybe one day we’ll bump into each other randomly, and we’ll smile at each other, genuinely.  The past will be in the past, and we’ll have grown and our perspectives on life will have changed.  The short curls that used to frame my face will be long, wild and free, and the beard that you use to keep shaved low, will be thick and full. And maybe on that day as we look at each other, smiling, we’ll feel our souls inside of us smiling too.  Because even though you and I didn’t always get along, our souls always did have that special bond on their own, didn’t they?  Yeah… our souls always were… absolutely madly in love.”

~Cici B

We’ll be together again soon GT, we were for each other.  In heaven, we’ll be together. You were just taken earlier than I was. We’ll find each other soon.  Until then, watch over me, my guardian angel.


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