Something that gives us crazy tanginess.  Makes our thighs abnormally large.  Causes us to eat unhealthy amounts of food.  Gives us millions of old tee-shirts to stuff into our drawers.  Give us all the nasty and painful bruises and the gross and permanent scars.  Something we must sacrifice all our time to.  Something we must sacrifice our bodies to.  Something that can break our hearts after a loss.  Yet, it is something that brings us to meet the 15 other people that we grow to adore.  It is something that takes us on adventures like no other and teaches us life lessons that nothing else could.  It is what keeps us in such healthy shape.  It gives us a meaning to passion and determination.  It gives us endless memories.  It’s something we need. It’s our life and the reason we breathe.  It’s soccer and we thrive on it.




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