“Don’t be selfish.  If you do not love the way her hair curls at the ends or her nose wrinkles when she laughs then let her go.  If you don’t see her as a masterpiece then let her go, because someone else will.  Don’t be selfish.  If you don’t love the way she sneezes or the way she dribbles the toothpaste down her chin when she brushes her teeth then let her go.  If your heart doesn’t beat out of your chest when you wake up and the first thing you see is her soundly sleeping on your shoulder.  Someone else would kill for that.  Being with someone when you know you don’t love them is cruel.  It’s not only cruel that it’s holding them back from someone that could give them everything.  Someone that feels waves breaking in their ribcage when they see her walk around the corner.  Someone that has had the worst of days, but rainbows suddenly appear at the thought of her.  Someone who hears the sound of her voice and it soothes the darkest of nightmares.  If that is not you, let her go.  She is wonder, she is magic, she deserves someone who believes that every single day, not just on certain days.”



I’m so thankful for the guy in my life that takes the time to listen to me and hear me out, let’s me rant when I need to without interrupting, and just gives me all his time when he can. He’s not around all the time and that’s OK, but he calls, texts, and FaceTimes when he can just to let me know that he’s still here. He’s not perfect, and he probably never will be. But he’s perfect to me. He’s definitely got his flaws, but I have mine, and together they compliment each other to make us gel really well. He’s outgoing, and I’m more laid back, but that’s what’s great about him. He’s an all-around great guy and I couldn’t be more fortunate to be close to him. If I hadn’t met him, I know my life would be in a tailspin right now. And without knowing it, he keeps me on the right track with all of his insightful advice and comments. He’s the reason I’m where I am today, who I am today, and I couldn’t be more happier.

“You know you’re in love when you can say anything to the person and you know they won’t laugh at you.  When you can see their face when you close your eyes.  When you can still feel their arms around you holding you tight long after they are gone.  When you can still taste their kiss after you have said goodbye.

You can tell you’re in love when you miss them before they are gone.  When their voice lingers in your ears.  When their presence eases any pain.  When their name sends chills down your spine.  When hey are the only thing you can think about.

You know you are in love when you can see all their hopes and dreams and their soul when you look into their eyes.  When they call you at four in the morning to say, ‘I love you’ and mean it.  When your tears stain not only their shirt, but also their heart.  When they are hurt just because of these tears.  When even a simple chore done with them can become a lasting memory.

Ultimately, you know you are in love when you can’t imagine living without them, and can’t figure out how did you live before you knew them.  When they fulfill every need and without them you are incomplete.  The love of someone else completes the heart, and sound and mind all at once.”


“I was taught young how to be stone-cold, self-reliant, to hold myself high and poised, with a ready smile and a subtle charm ready to conquer the world.  So I learned from early on to only cry behind closed doors, on dim lights, without sound, to howl in pain silently, to break down without anyone knowing, and to never ask for help.  Because when no one sees you suffering, do you really suffer?  Much like, when a tree falls in a forest  and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I can always just pretend that whatever pains me never happened, and I can always go back and face the world pretending I’m okay.”

~Cynthia go // if a tree falls in a forest (via @cynthiatingo)