“Do not settle for the first person who buys you dinner or for the person who says you look pretty, do not settle for the one who does not share your dreams but laughs at your jokes.  Do not settle for attraction without depth, or good conversation with no intent to stay.  Do not settle for charm when they do not value what you value, do not settle for convenience without love.  Do not settle for a candle when you were taught to love the sun, do not settle because of time when you know that love is patient.  Do not settle, please do not settle because there is someone out there who refuses to settle, and you are worth so much more than convenience and ease, you are worth a heart that fights for you.”

~ T.B. LaBerge // Do Not Settle (via tblaberge)


“Do yourself a favor and learn how to walk away.  When a connection starts to fade, learn how to let it go.  When a person starts to mistreat you, learn how to move on.. to something and someone better.  Don’t waste your energy trying to force something that isn’t meant to be.. Because the truth is, for every one person who doesn’t value you – there are tons more waiting to love you better.  Do better.”

~ Reyna Biddy

“This is how I’d fallen out of love with him:

I didn’t.  It’s just that one day I woke up, and I just… I just didn’t feel anything for him.  Not love, not like, not hate, nor anger, not even sadness or disappointment, just… nothing.  Like my heart entered a sudden oblivion, and it just forgot.  It forgot to remember to care for him or to think of him, and in a blink of an eye, everything about him, every feeling I associated with him is erased, and he didn’t matter anymore.  Like he never really mattered at all.

And I’m okay with it.  I mean, it’s a lot like looking at a blank grey canvas, what do you suppose to feel about it?  Nothing, right?  Nothing and just okay.”

~ cynthia go // This is how I’d fallen out of love with him // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #33