Hello there!

Welcome to my blog!

To tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a teenager. I love to be outdoors…… in the summer. If I’m not outdoors in the summer, I’ve got the windows open. I love my shorts, tank tops, and flip flops… and you can’t say anything different about them. I love the summer. It’s my favorite season.  I love the show NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles… and you can’t forget about Duck Dynasty.

I grew up (or should I say am growing up) in the heart of Amish Country, so when the show Amish Mafia hit the TV world, it wasn’t as big of a shock as it is to tourists. Especially since some of those places on the show I’ve been to tons of times. Now, the town of Intercourse is so busy with tourists, more than usual. :/

I’m a band geek. Yes, that’s right, a Band Geek. Everything practically revolves around marching band and concert band. Also, music is 90% of my life. The other one million percent is my family, friends, hobbies, etc. 🙂

I’m a one of a kind person. I like to be myself. Nobody can change me. I’m a struggling teenager, just like most of the teenagers out there. I’m searching for a job, figuring myself out, in and out of relationships, trying to find that right guy, and almost everything else you can imagine. Like most teenagers, I’m constantly fighting battles. Battles of a family member having cancer, people in and out of the hospital, friends fighting among themselves, etc.

My life is hectic and very busy. I’m on my church’s worship team, which practices once every week for about an hour. I’m involved in my church’s youth group. I’m a cheerleading coach for Upward Basketball. I’m a service dog trainer, constantly in and out of having dogs to train. They come for a few months and then they leave again. I’m in marching band and concert band, and have tried out numerous times for the County band, making it in twice in a row from 7th grade to 8th grade.

I’ve been told I need to sing in front of people so that talent gets out there as well, but that I’m not interested in doing….. YET anyway. I do sing in the comfort of my own home and in the car to songs that I love to sing to. I’ve been told I have a pretty good singing voice, and some of my friends say I should make YouTube videos to try and get discovered but that’s not for me. I’m okay with living without the fame and fortune. I like my secluded life in among the trees and countryside where everybody knows anybody in the neighborhood i live in, and where you can walk to a friend’s house two streets over without worrying about getting mugged. Maybe someday, when I find that right guy and that group of friends, I’ll make a YouTube channel and post videos of myself singing, my friends and I making videos along with videos of me and that right guy, but for now, my singing talent will have to be put on hold and will need some work on before it gets out to anyone.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Enjoy the website. Feel free to ask questions on the “Questions” page, and even feel free to comment on any ideas you might want me to elaborate my thoughts on. I’m all game for that. And don’t forget to comment on posts. I’d like your feedback and it helps keep the site interesting and on top of things.

Thanks for visiting the site, and I look forward to seeing your comments and questions if you’ve got any.


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