She didn’t lose him, she had to let him go. She didn’t get over him, she had to move on. She didn’t lose feelings for him, she had to walk away. She didn’t get bored of him, she had to do what was best for her. She didn’t let him go, she had to push him away. She didn’t forget about him, she had to cut him off. She didn’t want things to end, she just did what’s best for her. She didn’t want to break up, she just wasn’t able to handle it anymore. She didn’t want to leave his life, she just needed time to herself. It just got to the point where she put herself first for once and she decided it was time for her and him to go their separate ways. It’s not that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore because she does, but it’s just that things weren’t the same anymore and no matter how long she waited for things to get better, no matter how hard she tried to make things work, it just wasn’t happening. She just didn’t want to be unhappy anymore. She’d run back to him in a heartbeat, but for now, she just needs to be on her own.

I hope you’re dying without me. I home whenever you think of me, your chest tightens and it makes it hard for you to breathe. I hope that’s the reason you don’t respond to my texts anymore and I hope that’s the reason you try not to look at me. Because that’s the pain I went through. My chest ached when I thought of you. I tried not to look at you because tears would swell in my eyes. I hope that’s the reason you changed around me because if this were easy for you I think it’d kill me even more.

Love shouldn’t be exhausting. It shouldn’t leave you feeling stressed out, less than, and unappreciated. Love is supposed to be free, natural, a release from the monotony and routines of life. Love won’t leave you drained, it won’t leave you depressed, lost or distraught. Love is a healer, love is a friend, love is a protector. Loving isn’t easy, it’s a challenge, but when it’s good, it’s a treasure. Real love won’t break you, it will build you. It will bring out the best in you.