When your computer background is a picture of you and your best underclassman guy friend and your friend from college sees it as you’re studying and says “Aww!! You two are so cute! How come you never mentioned before that you two are dating! I absolutely approve! I can’t wait to meet him!” and then walks away with a huge smile on her face.

I never got the chance to tell her we’re not dating. He doesn’t have feelings for me, I don’t have feelings for him, and we’re just best marching band friends. I mean, he’s a few years younger than me anyways….:) lol

Listen up guys! Girl facts!

When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand.

When she wants a hug she will just stand there.

When you break a girls heart, she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later.

When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind.

When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.

When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a girl answers “I’m fine” after a few seconds, she is not at all fine.

When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are so wonderful.

When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a girl says that she can’t live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future.

When a girl says “I miss you” no one in this world can miss you more than that.

When a girl is mean to you after a breakup, she wants you back, but she’s scared she’ll get hurt and knows you’re gone forever.

Probably my future marriage vows (with a little tweaking of course)

When I met you, I had no idea how much my life was about to be changed, but then, how could I have known?  A love like ours happens once in a lifetime.  You were a godsend to me, the one who was everything I had ever hoped for, the one I thought existed only in my imagination. When you came into my life, I realized that what I had always thought was happiness couldn’t compare to the joy loving you brought me.  You are a part of everything I think and do and feel, and with you by my side, I believe that anything is possible.  Because of you, I laugh, smile and I dare to dream again. Thank you for the miracle of you.  You are, and always will be, the love of my life.  Today I give myself to you in marriage.  I will love you, without reservation, cherish you and hold you in the highest regard.  I will support you and comfort you, through life’s joys and sorrows.  I will encourage you, inspire you, and be honest and faithful to you.  I will stand by your side, in sickness and in health, in an apocalyptic scenario or during a zombie invasion.  These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.